VOD REVIEW: Boss Level is an awesome action vehicle for star Frank Grillo

This little video-game inspired gem follows a retired special forces officer who gets trapped in a time loop.

He’s forced to replay the day he dies over and over, while he tries to find rhyme or reason as to why this is happening to him.

Under the steady direction of stylish action helmer Joe Carnahan, known for Smokin’ Aces, The Grey, and The A-Team, this is a slick little film with a ton of absolutely jaw-dropping moments.

Frank Grillo, of Captain America, Purge and TV show Kingdom fame, never quite gets the credit he should. This is a star vehicle for the perennial supporting player that shows his charisma, grit and humour all in one role as Roy Pulver.

Each morning, he wakes up and meets the same cast of character and assassins dispatched to kill him, and he’s tasked with finding out why, and who sent them.

Central to the puzzle, he hopes, is his ex Jemma Wells (Naomi Watts, in fine form), and he races to try to discover the answers to his questions.

Mel Gibson is our central baddie, with Will Sasso, Ken Jeong and Michelle Yeoh adding talent to the proceedings.

It’s the type of action tilt that brings new, fresh ideas to the table, and juggles humour and blood spatter in equal measure.

For light adult entertainment, it’s not going to get much better than the surprisingly effective Boss Level.

4/5 Stars

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