VOD REVIEW: Pandemic a zombie thriller with no humanity

When watching Pandemic – titled in bad taste – I was reminded that a good genre movie gives the audience exactly what they’re looking for.

But a great genre film? It looks tropes and norms in the face and goes an entirely different direction. Unfortunately, though the blood and gore staples of this zombie thriller are dominant, it doesn’t do anything to distinguish itself from others of its ilk.

The acting – from Tyler Posey predominantly – is stiff and overwrought, somehow, at the same time. He grimaces and grunts his way through the film, while neither maintaining an action hero persona or making us care enough to his sensitivities.

He’s more a shell of a character than anything else. And Donald Sutherland, the formidable great, may have a real arc, but the most undead thing about this film is his lifeless turn as a mourning man.

Sure, Pandemic delivers enough thrills for the non-discerning viewer on a boring Sunday in. But on the many occasions it has a chance to be daring and distinguish itself, this flick is sadly dead on arrival.

2/5 Stars

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