VOD REVIEW: Incredible Synchronic destined for sci-fi cult classic status

It’s been a long time since the desolate, destitute tone in a film hit me as hard as the grey, numb world created in Synchronic.

Martin Scorsese’s 1999 flick Bringing Out The Dead was the last time we got a glimpse into the wear and tear of the tragedy paramedics see night-in, night-out captured on screen. The sci-fi film follows two paramedics in New Orleans who encounter numerous overdose victims, all linked to a new drug that has life-altering effects.

The drug, synchronic, can send its users through time to the past. But if they aren’t careful, they can become stuck where they were transported for all of eternity. The drug also causes hallucinations and real danger for those who take it.

Paramedics Steve and Dennis couldn’t be more different. Dennis has a wife, a teenage daughter and a newborn baby, and Steve is still living the bachelor life. But when Dennis’s daughter disappears, Steve becomes convinced she took the drug and is trapped in the past. He goes on a quest to find her, at any cost.

Though this may sound confusing, the film is actually incredible at explaining interesting, difficult concepts and envelops you in its world. Anthony Mackie gets a post-Marvel starring role he deserves and Jamie Dornan just keeps proving he’s more than the sum of the Fifty Shades movies.

It is an astounding work, with its own personality and visual style, and it’s an unforgettable genre piece sure to become beloved as more discover it.

4.5/5 Stars

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