VOD REVIEW: Saint Maud a terrifying slow-burn

This religious-themed psychological drama creeps into your head, and will cause more than a few jolting nightmares if you let it truly sink in.

Saint Maud follows a religious nurse who provides hospice care for dying patients. Maud has a past that’s defiantly incongruous with her faith, though the film allows us to unravel most of its mysteries for ourselves.

That’s the real strength of Saint Maud: As we see our lead become convinced she’s on a mission from God to save the soul of her dying patient, we realize ethics and a twisted sense of right and wrong begin to slip away.

But the film lets the most terrifying thing be that we succumb to our own imaginations. With intentions, past transgressions and our central character’s entire past not spelled out for us, the real shocker during the film was how much I let my mind fill in the horrific blanks.

Morfydd Clark gives a paramount performance as Maud, well-intentioned but significantly ill, a treacherous saviour whose good deeds may just not be the best for her ailing patient. Jennifer Ehle, likewise, gives an uncharacteristic, cruel performance as a dying woman who shows more tenacious fervour than expected.

Writer-director Rose Glass has created a horror film for the ages, and one that will be difficult to shake free of once you’ve seen it.

4.5/5 Stars

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