DIGITAL REVIEW: Body-swapping horror-comedy Freaky a bloody, hilarious time

This wonderful genre-bending film from the writer-directors of the Happy Death Day franchise melds the body-swap comedy formula for horror fanatics.

When a high school girl swaps bodies with a serial killer, she tries to reverse the changes before they become permanent.

It’s a simple concept done incredibly well, with the actors involved absolutely stunning with their hilarious takes. Kathryn Newton — of Blockers and Big Little Lies fame — takes on the role of a vicious killer in high school cheerleader skin. She is menacing and vicious here.

Meanwhile, just when I began to forget about Vince Vaughn, he is a total riot as a teenage girl in a giant man’s body. Flexing his comedic muscles for the first time in ages, Vaughn channels the best of his performances in the mid-2000s, and is the real star of the show.

He alternates between entirely terrifying and laugh-out-loud funny, and this is a true showcase for Vaughn’s considerable talents.

Freaky is a great genre film, and an adult movie that will entertain you start to finish. This fresh take on a well-worn trope does everyone justice.

4/5 Stars

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