VOD REVIEW: Rams a raucous, quirky showcase for Sam Neill

This family comedy about two brothers whose decades-long feud comes to a head when disaster strikes their sheep flocks is far better than expected.

Director Jeremy Sims creates a weird, whacky little flick with this Australian gem, and the characters truly make this one worth it.

When the rams in a small town get OJD, a chronic infection of the bowel that causes death, the entire area feels the pinch as their livelihood is ripped from them. Having just recovered from a fire two years earlier, it’s a huge blow.

Affected are two brothers, Colin and Les, who haven’t spoken in four decades. They live on the same acreage tending to sheep, and Colin only communicates with his older brother through his Border Collie, whom he’s trained to bring notes to his sibling.

Les is a drunk, tired old man who berates and intimidates Colin at night in fits of rage, and Colin sees the rivalry between them is about to come to a head.

But when the two must come together to save their home, an uneasy alliance begins to form. Sam Neill — of Jurassic Park fame — along with Miranda Richardson and Michael Caton all give interesting, hilarious performances.

It’s not spectacular, but the lovely turns by the trio make for above-average, solid entertainment indeed.

3.5/5 Stars

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