REVIEW: For The Sake Of Vicious a bloody good time

This gruesome, intense horror tilt is one of the most bonkers films to be doing a festival run right now.

Director-writers Gabriel Carrer & Reese Eveneshen infuse madcap energy and a dark, foreboding feel into this story of three people whose stories tragically converge on Halloween night.

A nurse, a man with a tragic past and an axe to grind and the man he believes caused his grief all end up in a cat-and-mouse game in an apartment complex. But as intruders descend upon them, they become trapped in a game they never dreamed of.

Romina comes home from a long shift to find Chris — whose daughter she attended to after a kidnapping and brutal rape — holding the man who beat the charges and maintains his innocence hostage in her residence.

As he resorts to torture of Gerald to get answers about his daughter’s death, his vigilante antics put everyone at risk.

Lora Burke gives an invigorating performance as Romina, and James Fler is oddly sympathetic as hostage Gerald. But as we try to figure out who is telling the truth, it’s Cole Harbour-born actor Nick Smyth who absolutely stuns as grief-stricken Chris.

It’s a career-making role for the actor, and I can’t wait to see what comes for the young thespian.

Overall, Vicious is an entirely worthwhile affair for genre fans, though not for the faint of heart. If you like a bit of admirable storytelling with your gore, this one’s for you.

4/5 Stars

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