REVIEW: The Climb a cut above typically comedy fare

There’s really no movie in the last quarter of a year that’s made me laugh as much as The Climb.

This film about friendship, love, loss and the things we do for those we care for — even when they doesn’t deserve it — is the perfect testament to how much easier it is to forgive than hold onto things.

When the film opens, two friends — Kyle and Michael — are biking up a huge hill. Kyle, obviously not the alpha of the two, is struggling. Michael, on the other hand, seems to be the one gifted with athletic prowess, a chiseled jaw and just about every other advantage.

So when Mike decides on a difficult bike trek is the time to tell Kyle he’s been sleeping with his fiancee for three years, it sets the tone for the audience. Kyle, quite literally, is the underdog from the beginning, and we hate Mike for what he’s putting his ‘friend’ through.

Mike is defined from the get-go as selfish and repugnant, and I loved Kyle. I felt bad for him. So when a series of tumultuous events lead to struggles, weight gain and depression in Mike’s life, I actually felt he deserved it.

But it’s these twists and turns within the friendship of Mike and Kyle — played splendidly by Michael Angelo Covino and Kyle Marvin — that keep the audience glued to the happenings of two very regular guys.

Frankly, when I found out Covino directed and co-wrote — with Marvin also co-writing — this incredible film, I was floored. The two have created one of the funniest, most splendid meditations on selflessness and friendship in recent memory.

The bond these two share in real life translates to the screen, and these two characters and the way they interact will make this film endlessly rewatchable for years to come.

4/5 Stars

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