VOD REVIEW: Words On Bathroom Walls an intricate, intelligent portrayal of mental illness

This flick came out of nowhere and quickly became one of the most affecting ones I’ve seen since COVID-19 began.

It tells the story of Adam, a bright, young man whose struggles with schizophrenia overtake his life.

As he joins a new school and falls in love with a classmate, he does his best to stop the voices in his head from leading him down the wrong path. But he often feels like he’s helpless in the fight against his own mental health issues.

Directed by Thor Freudenthal and based on the wonderful book from Julia Walton, it is an intimate, heartbreaking portrait of mental illness.

They principal actors — including Charlie Plummer and Taylor Russell — hold this entire thing together, and their chemistry is electric.

With supporting turns from Andy Garcia, AnnaSophia Robb, and two intense performances from Walton Goggins and Molly Parker as parents, this is a film you need to see.

It’s a difficult watch, but it’s also a hopeful one. It pushes the audience to think and empathize in a way not many flicks dare to. That, in itself, is a wonderful thing.

4/5 Stars

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