VOD REVIEW: Bright Hill Road a grim meditation on personal demons

A thinking person’s horror film, Bright Hill Road starts out with a brutal workplace shooting, leading to a desperate attempt by alcoholic HR manager Marcy to get away from it all.

She’s losing grip on herself, and her choice not to take the mass shooter’s threats when she fired him the week prior seriously cost lives. From the jump, we recognize Marcy is a troubled character.

On a trip to see her sister in California, she stops at a boarding house halfway there, but her past begins to catch up with her as strange events begin to drive her to the brink.

The most intriguing thing about Bright Hill Road is the way it portrayed guilt and turned it into the monster of the film. It’s an interesting take on alcoholism, and penance for past transgressions.

Siobhan Williams gives a great performance as Marcy, outshining the rest of the cast. Her performance is the key reason the train stays on the rails, even as it begins to move into ridiculous territory.

It loses steam as it rolls along, with a start that’s hugely promising culminating in a ho-hum third act.

The effects aren’t great — they never are in lower-budget affairs — but if you buy into it, Bright Hill Road will provide a few well-earned thrills.

2.5/5 Stars

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