THEATRICAL REVIEW: Stars Fell On Alabama, and so does a charming romance

Call me a hopeless romantic, but there’s something splendid about the feeling I get from a rom-com done right.

Stars Fell On Alabama never purports to be anything than a cheesy, adorable flick about falling in love and Southern charm. And by those — admittedly low — standards, it succeeds.

This cliche flick about Hollywood agent Bryce, who invites beautiful client to hometown Alabama for a high school reunion under the guise she’s his girlfriend is actually a lot of fun.

It’s devoid of huge stars or distractions, save for pop star James Maslow, formerly of Big Time Rush. But he and Ciara Hanna are actually a really cute pair, and they sell it.

It’s nothing new or insanely interesting, but it’s a fun, flirty little good time, with a lovely country soundtrack and a happy ending. Maybe I’ve just had a long week, but it was exactly what I needed, nothing more and nothing less. And sometimes, that’s exactly enough for this reviewer.

3/5 Stars

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