REVIEW: Knuckledust a weak-willed actioner

Every once in a while comes a movie so concerned with being a stylish, colourful Sin City knock-off that it forgets the best thing about that film.

It also had substance and knew the type of pulpy film it was. And yet, with underground fight film Knuckledust, we’re given no smarts to go with our serving of stylized violence.

Director-writer James Kermack creates a washed-out, entirely boring film from a script that runs like a poor knock-off between Fight Club and Smokin’ Aces. It doesn’t even come close to matching either film in wit or entertainment value.

This flick about a police raid of underground fight club Knuckledust, full of dead bodies and remnants of to-the-death battles, has absolutely nothing new to say.

The only person alive, a man called Hard Eight, police interrogate him about his experiences to try to get the truth about what went on at Club Knuckledust.

Perhaps the major problem with Knuckledust is its visuals are meant for shock value, but come off grotesque and lazy, not surprising. Moe Dunford is a terrible actor, and his Hard Eight character is no one an audience would bother rooting for.

This crime flick features plenty of baddies, and yet, none of them has characteristics that make them distinguishable or memorable. Overall, Knuckledust is a mess best left forgotten.

1/5 Stars

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