STREAMING REVIEW: Disney’s new Pixar pick brims with Soul

This latest Pixar offering is a wondrous, beautiful picture that you won’t soon forget. Soul has energy to spare, and it’s an evocative, human story.

A down-on-his-luck music teacher who moonlights as a failing musician is transported out of his body after a heart attack, and desperately finds a way to get back and reclaim the passion for jazz music.

Director Pete Docter makes an incredible, absolutely gorgeous film here with Soul, and it’s the most emotionally resonant offering from the studio since Docter’s 2009 hit Up.

For anyone who has ever felt lost or been pressured to give up their passion, this is a movie that teaches you to always chase your dreams and do what you love, regardless of how.

Jamie Foxx gives a splendid voice performance as musician Joe, and he’s joined by Tina Fey, Graham Norton, Questlove and more.

It’s a toe-tapping adventure with a big, beautiful core, and Soul is one I can’t wait for your whole family to enjoy.

4/5 Stars

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