VOD REVIEW: Lazy Max Cloud happy to needlessly meander

This sci-fi tilt Max Cloud is, quite literally, one of the worst films I’ve seen in all of 2020.

It’s poorly shot, has shoddy special effects, silly costumes, laughable dialogue, and turns two actors I have great admiration for into punch-lines.

I’m not sure what made director Martin Owen, responsible for some truly terrible things, think this flick would turn it around, but he somehow manages to overextend and give us nothing at the same time.

Scott Adkins is truly dreadful as our star Max Cloud, and I should have expected as much from a man who puts out worse VOD action fare than Nic Cage. But perhaps what annoys me most is the talent on display that just can’t elevate the material.

Tommy Flanagan – who was revelatory as Chibs in Sons Of Anarchy – and John Hannah, of The Mummy fame, should not be relegated to low-budget, low-brow cinema like this. It pained me to see them here.

Perhaps the worst part of Max Cloud is that it seems like a film with a big vision that was executed so poorly. This one should be avoided at all costs.

1/5 Stars

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