THEATRICAL REVIEW: Cheesy, plucky rom-com a Modern Persuasion to smile

Straight from the Hallmark vaults comes this cliche, feel-good romance that may be entirely forgettable, but it sure does hit the mark.

Alicia Witt – who I haven’t seen in a leading role since 90’s horror flick Urban Legend – is adorable and full of charm here as a single executive who is put in an awkward spot when an ex hires her firm.

As she deals with past feelings, other men vie for her affections, leaving her more confused than ever. This techie Jane Austen update may not be a classic, but it is in good fun.

Perhaps the best thing is the eclectic supporting cast that elevates all the proceedings. Bebe Neuwirth is hilarious, Liza Lapira brings a ton of fun to the proceedings as the pregnant lesbian lover of one of the firm’s partners, and Orange Is The New Black alum Adrienne C. Moore has a small, but memorable role.

What is most striking is just how well-rounded some of these female characters are. Despite the trappings of rom-coms reducing characters to note-lines, this film actually cares and gives us some perspective on them.

Modern Persuasion won’t warrant a second viewing, but it’s just enjoyable enough to keep things interesting for 90 minutes.

3/5 Stars

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