VOD REVIEW: Honest Thief action-packed, but a bit too comfortable

There’s something familiar about every action film Liam Neeson has done since Taken that makes audiences breathe easy.

It’s relatively painless to spend movie-going dollars when you absolutely know your next Neeson flick will feature guns, explosions, and some cold, hard one-liners from the 60-year-old unlikely hero.

In uncertain times, a dose of the same old Neeson action flicks of old isn’t a bad thing. But if you’re looking for surprises with your cinematic experiences, it may be best to look elsewhere.

For what he offers, Neeson is capable, intense and glowers in the leading man role. He’s a favourite and consistently reliable, especially here. As a man who heisted $9-million from banks over a decade, Tom falls in love and tries to go straight.

Before he moves in with the love of his life, Annie (played by the wonderful Kate Walsh), he tries to give all the money back and turn himself in, hoping for a reduced sentence. He wants to come clean to Annie.

But when two dirty cops decide to take the money for themselves, murder, mayhem and mistaken identity ensue. We have Jai Courtney as our big baddie – an easy feat since he showed his chops in Suicide Squad – and supporters including Terminator 2 actor Robert Patrick and Anthony Ramos.

But what’s really nice is to see Jeffrey Donovan – who was in Let Him Go, reviewed earlier this week – play a role out of character.

Honest Thief won’t change lives or break down barriers, but it’s the cinematic equivalent of comfort food, and if you love Neeson’s other flicks, this is worth a viewing.

3/5 Stars

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