STREAMING REVIEW: Jillian Bell absolutely shines in Godmothered

You’ve seen and loved Jillian Bell many times, whether it was in 22 Jump Street, at the water cooler in Workaholics, or as the absolute best part of the terrible Rough Night.

In fact, Bell is often the highlight of just about everything she’s in. She’s the perfect, sweet, hilarious substitute for the inexplicably famous Amy Schumer, who has twice the box-office clout and half the talent.

In Disney+’s Godmothered, Bell goes family-friendly, and I’m entirely here for it. As a fairy godmother in training, she finds out the operations will shutter.

She goes on one final mission to help a little girl get her true love – but when she arrives, she realizes the case is a 20-year-old one they missed, and that little girl is now in her 30’s. Despite this, inexperienced and plucky Eleanor tries to help anyway.

Her mark? Well, we have single mother and news producer Mackenzie, who has forgotten all about love and crushes. She just can’t seem to catch a break. But Eleanor is determined to find her ‘Prince Charming’ at all costs.

Bell is hilarious here, and is a perfect anchor for a film that could have gone off the rails easily. She gives it her all and it pays off. Isla Fisher, similarly, goes more tame than she was in her most famous turn in raunchy Wedding Crashers, and she’s totally adorable here.

The two mesh so well together, and with June Squibb in a supporting turn, this is a great movie for the holiday season. Bell has an incredible leading career ahead of her, and I hope Godmothered is just her showy start.

4/5 Stars

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