STREAMING REVIEW: Fear Of Dancing strikes an emotional chord

There’s nothing that strikes fear into more people than being pulled, kicking and screaming, onto an uncomfortable, sweaty dancefloor.

Alright, maybe sharks and clowns top it, but with his documentary Fear of Dancing, writer-director-star Michael Allcock has absolutely touched upon something that is difficult for people the world over.

Busting a move is something that can leave one paralyzed and terrified, and others filled with euphoria and wit. My boyfriend could dance in the streets to no music – oblivious and careless to the world around him. I can barely do a two-step without falling over.

There is nothing like it – an activity that can simultaneously bring people together and isolate others at the same time. Allcock – a long sufferer of chorophobia – is left to wonder why he was so happy dancing as a child, and why it absolutely sends shivers down his spine as an adult.

But this isn’t a one-man journey. This incredible CBC Gem documentary explores different cultures and how dance can be integral, how dance can be a form of expression, and how some the world over fight their fears. Perhaps one of the funniest parts of this sentimental, lovely and poignant doc is the famed Stephen Fry, who I see as a giant and legend, discussing his fear of dancing.

Michael Allcock delivers a clever, fun and hilarious film with Fear of Dancing, and you can catch it on CBC Gem now.

4/5 Stars

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