STREAMING REVIEW: Black Beauty remake by-the-numbers

It’s been told 1,000 times, and frankly, it’s been told better. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with this Black Beauty adaptation coming to Disney+, one has to wonder why it needed to be made.

The story of a teenage girl who forms a bond with a horse no one else can seem to break lasts and entire lifetime, through all kinds of trials and tribulations. It’s cute, cliche and soft. It won’t make you feel much, but it won’t annoy you either.

Black Beauty just kind of exists, and other than some nice cinematography, there’s not much else to make the sheen of director Ashley Avis’ film shine.

The bright spots, however, come from Kate Winslet’s exquisite voice performance as the horse, and a lovely – if not revolutionary – turn from young Mackenzie Foy.

She is capable of better when given the material, as seen in Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar. But she needs that chance. Foy finds little dramatic depth to her character here.

Both Claire Forlani and Game Of Thrones alum Iain Glen are serviceable, but nothing special.

In the end, this is an inoffensive film adequately told. Whether you have young children will probably dictate if it ends up on your screen, but if it does, you’ll neither be impressed or dismayed. Just like Beauty herself, just coast through and you’ll be fine.

2.5/5 Stars

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