THEATRICAL REVIEW: Sound Of Metal is a feast for cinephiles

This incredible film about a heavy-metal drummer who loses his hearing is so good, so full of life that it’s hard not to pay attention.

Writer-director Darius Marder knows how to spin a tale and write incredible characters, as evidenced in his Ryan Gosling starrer The Place Beyond The Pines, and here he creates another amazing world.

Aided by writer-director Derek Cianfrance, he turns drummer Ruben and his manager-girlfriend Lou into people we can feel and understand. They resonate with us.

Riz Ahmed — who earns his recent Gotham Award nomination — is a revelation as the tortured Ruben. His plight with his hearing is relatable and Ahmed does a great job portraying the frustration and struggle. If Ahmed doesn’t receive a Best Actor nod, I’ll be surprised.

Olivia Cooke is wonderful in a supporting turn as the caring Lou, helping Ruben cling to his sanity and sobriety.

The difficult tone of the film and the struggle with sobriety Ruben faces when his senses become off-kilter makes it a atmospheric, dark endeavour. This isn’t a happy film, but a truly worthwhile one.

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