DIGITAL REVIEW: Invincible Dragon boasts plenty of dents in its armour

Writer-director Fruit Chan has a ton of huge thoughts and ideas, and yet, none of them are particularly well-thought out.

Everything, from the shoddy writing to the laughable visuals bring the production down to a level I just didn’t think was possible.

Actor Jin Zhang is a wonderful actor, who has been a part of the Ip Man franchise and The Grandmaster, but he’s bogged down and becomes a caricature here. As Kowloon, a disgraced agent with a dragoon tattoo, he tries to solve a string of murders targeting policewomen.

But he has these silly, strange visions and we’re led to believe his sixth sense will help him solve everything. Why does he have these powers? I don’t know, it’s never explained.

He meanders through a weak script, terrible score and uneven tone trying to solve murders in a film more interested in politics and martial arts than any real story.

But here’s the worst part – for all the fighting, kung fu, set pieces and action sequences, not a signle thing in the film feels authentic. The effects are laughable, as is a terrible performance from UFC fighter Anderson Silva.

It’s barely, mildly entertaining, but mostly befuddling. Zhang deserves better, and so does the audience.

1.5/5 Stars

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