THEATRICAL REVIEW: DeNiro, Walken help War With Grandpa make the grade

There’s something immensely comforting about a family film during COVID, and while The War With Grandpa isn’t an instant-classic, it will help you escape.

Groundbreaking, Grandpa is not. It’s actually entirely cliche, like a family-themed slapstick Home Alone spin-off. And yet, I have to admit: I laughed a lot.

For all its eye-rolling moments, The War With Grandpa sure does bring the funny. When a young adolescent declares war against his grandfather after he moves in, taking the boy’s room, the two get up to all kinds of hijinks to get under each other’s skin.

Young Peter going toe-to-toe with his grandfather Ed makes for some really, absolutely entertaining fun, but there are some really slow moments.

But I have to be honest, despite young Oakes Fegley’s shortcomings, it’s the adult cast that truly shines. Robert De Niro is wonderful here, and Christopher Walken, Jane Seymour and Cheech Marin shine as the old man’s friends.

As parents, a nearly unrecognizable Uma Thurman and a scene-stealing Rob Riggle are also on board. It’s scenes between DeNiro and Riggle that actually are the most fun.

In the end, it doesn’t break new ground, but there’s enough here to merit a watch if you need a few well-earned laughs.

3/5 Stars

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