VOD REVIEW: Sally Hawkins paints a heartbreaking, honest portrait of a schizophrenic in Eternal Beauty

Director Craig Roberts has created a second film that perhaps contains the most accurate depiction of life as a schizophrenic put to film.

Sally Hawkins is a revelation as Jane, who has a psychotic break following the awful aftermath of being left at the altar as a young woman.

Now a black sheep in her family, without love and living a difficult, confusing life, she falls deep into the depths of her own mental state.

Things are beginning to worsen for her as her schizophrenia gets more difficult. But as she meets a new love, and an upswing occurs.

But her family’s intervention, some insidious difficulties with her new lover and other surprises await Jane, who soon suffers even further than before.

Hawkins owns this movie, and it frankly doesn’t work without her performance. David Thewlis is incredible as her equally mentally ill lover Mike, and Billie Piper is absolutely horrifying as her younger, attention-seeking sister Nicola.

This is a fantastic ensemble, led by Hawkins, who gives another Oscar-worthy performance, and a difficult film to watch. Not all the slick camerawork fits the film, and it’s tonally off-kilter.

But it’s worth the watch for Hawkins alone.

3.5/5 Stars

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