HULU PREMIERE: Books Of Blood a barren, bloody mess of a film

A highly-touted HULU adaptation from Clive Barker, a master of horror, had all the ingredients to be a hit.

It was shot in Halifax, N.S., with a splashy FIN: Atlantic International Film Festival gala premiere. But now that the embargo has lifted, I can unapologetically tell you to leave this book clasped shut.

Star Trek alum Bannon Braga’s pedigree was expected to bring big things to this twisty film covering three loosely — almost by string — intertwined stories. But all we get is a disjointed, frenetic mess that never comes together.

The bloody bits are pretty incredible, and yet they’re few and far between. For a movie that promised shock and awe, we get very little of either. The only thing really surprising is just how bad this film gets.

Capable actors like Britt Robertson, Rafi Gavron, Yul Vazquez and Anna Friel putter their way through this piece, but no story ever real takes shape. It’s a series of odd, effectively useless vignettes that serve no real plot purpose.

Books Of Blood is a film that could have been fantastic, but ends up below even mediocre standards. Neither scary enough to make us jump or self-aware enough to be a hit B-Movie in the future, we’re left with a ton of wasted potential and an adaptation Clive Barker should absolutely loathe.

1.5/5 Stars

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