VOD REVIEW: Possessor a psychological trip etched with brutality

After so many years reviewing films, it’s hard for anything to surprise me anymore.

But the brutal, sheer insanity of Possessor left me with more than one sleepless night.

From writer-director Brandon Cronenberg — son of famous Canadian auteur David — this is one of the most inventive, entirely unhinged affairs in years.

It’s about an agent who works for an organization that deals in mind control. They embody others and make them commit assassinations to serve high-paying clients.

But long-time worker Tasya Vos is tired, and no longer interested in her work. She begins to dissociate from the host body she’s in and terrible images begin to haunt her.

The performances from Jennifer Jason Leigh, Andrea Riseborough, Sean Bean, Tuppence Middleton and an incredible Christopher Abbott take this far beyond your regular horror tilt.

With this intense role, Abbott has officially moved to the mainstream. He’s so good that you forget you’re watching the Girls alum.

Possessor is an imaginative, bloody affair unlike anything I’ve seen in years. It will leave you breathless.

4.5/5 Stars

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