FIN STREAM REVIEW: Legendary wrestler Vampiro’s documented exploits are in-your-face filmmaking fodder

If we’re discussing people and actors who made an impression during FIN, I have to say larger-than-life wrestler Ian Hodkinson (Vampiro) takes the cake.

His entire life — and work in Mexico as the famed Vampiro — is put on full display here. There is no kinder cut: What you see is what you get, for better or worse.

Nail In The Coffin: The Fall and Rise Of Vampiro is a visceral documentary experience featuring the intense, enigmatic Hodgkinson doing what he does best. He’s the Director Of Talent for Mexico’s Lucha Libre AAA and Lucha Underground, and takes on so much more.

His passion and commitment to wrestling is only rivalled by his love for his teenage daughter. As he attempts to split time between his work and his daughter in Canada, we see how conflicted he is about continuing to stand in the ring.

He’s had concussions, a broken neck, fractured bones, and substance abuse issues his whole live, and his doctors fear for him. Many wonder what night he will go into the ring and not come out again.

Seeing the existential struggle between a sport he loves and the daughter he just wants to be near makes for incredible footage, and I’ll say this: Vampiro is one of the most complex, intelligent and unforgettable films at FIN this year.

It’s a can’t-miss, and writer-director Michael Paszt has truly created a filmmaking feat.

4.5/5 Stars

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