FIN STREAM REVIEW: Oddball film Girl is too nonsensical to live up to lofty expectations

When Girl (Bella Thorne) heads to a small town to kill her abusive, vicious father who has not seen for years, she stumbles upon a conspiracy far bigger than she could have imagined.

She has cared for her ailing mother most of her life, and when mom is threatened by the absentee dad, Girl takes things into her own hands.

Just off the bus in the strange town where she was born, she walks into her dad’s home with a hatchet, and finds him tortured and already dead. As she searches for answers, she falls deeper into a web of intricate lies and deceit.

Bella Thorne — for what it’s worth — takes. a detour into some seriously dark territory here. For the actress, it was a departure worth taking, and I only wish she had a better script to support her.

Chad Faust, who directs, wrote, and co-stars just never quite finds his stride — in any of those capacities — and produces a script with atrocious plot twists that aren’t just annoying, but that make no logical sense. You could walk right through the numerous plotholes in this film.

Girl had so much potential, but it’s overly weird, strikes a tone that’s more creepy than dark, and Mickey Rourke, frankly, seems to forget he’s an Oscar nominee. He’s terrible and adds zero depth as a maniacal sheriff, in a film and performance that left me scratching my head.

I wasn’t entirely angry I spent my time here — Thorne truly does do something different here — but you also shouldn’t shrug your shoulders after seeing a film with such an interest premise.

Girl is a film that could have been a midnight cult classic, but instead it’s just a dull, strange little outlier of a thriller.

2/5 Stars

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