FIN STREAM REVIEW: Stray a beautiful exploration of pups living on the streets

If seeing dogs in destitute conditions is going to really upset you, maybe Stray isn’t the film for you.

It’s a wonderful film, but director Elizabeth Lo’s explorations into the life and worlds of stray dogs in Instanbul can be really difficult.

We manage to see the world and populations through the eyes of stray Zeytin, who lives on the streets, foraging for food and shelter each day.

To see the world — and how strays are treated — through the eyes of the dog itself is an inventive and entirely innovative way to shoot the film, and credit to cinematographer and director Lo for making that choice.

Zeytin’s travels, difficulties and everything else are documented, and we even see the pup interacting with a young group of Syrian refugees who become friends. It’s a really wonderful piece of filmmaking.

I suppose the one thing I’ll say is, though the conflict is implicit, there isn’t too much going on. However, Stray is also a well-shot, interesting enough watch to keep you entranced.

3.5/5 Stars

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