FIN STREAM REVIEW: My Prince Edward an affecting study of marriage in Hong Kong

My Prince Edward is one of the most surprising, phenomenal films of the festival so far.

This study of the relationship between the engaged Fong and Edward, who never seem to be on the same page. Edward doesn’t notice is bride-to-be’s passions and wants, and Fong won’t just be honest about what she needs.

The key to a relationship is communication, and yet, these two have no idea how to really talk to each other. Fong tiptoes around her tempermental husband and Edward can’t seem to figure out that his aggressive, bombarding nature is a problem.

Complicating things for the Hong Kong couple is that Fong is already married to another. She is trying, without Edward’s knowledge, to dissolve her 10-year-old sham marriage to mainlander Shuwei, who can’t for the life of him see why she wants Edward.

A decade ago, he gave Fong plenty of money so he could get a permit through their marriage, but he disappeared. Now they’re left trying to divorce before Edward learns of the transgression.

This story of ancient customs, social pressures, prejudice against divorce, difficult, overbearing parents and old ways of life is fraught with more tension than I ever could have expected.

With splendid acting and a script and direction from Yee-Lam Wong that are masterful, if you’re not a subtitle person, I suggest you make an exception for this Cantonese drama.

It’s packs an intense wallop, with some of the best acting I’ve seen all year. My Prince Edward is a masterpiece, flat-out.

4.5/5 Stars

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