FIN STREAM REVIEW: Eye-opening Jimmy Carter documentary is a rocking, rollicking hell of a time

Who could have thought a documentary about this former president could feel so fresh, hip and enriching after all these years?

Jimmy Carter is turned into a playful, picturesque portrait as writer Bill Flanagan and director Mary Wharton take his musical passions and turn them into one of the most entertaining films of FIN Stream so far.

It’s enjoyable, light and most of all, it provides a window into Jimmy Carter I never thought I’d see. Seeing the way his connection with artists allowed him to interact with voters and constituents is a marvel.

From Bob Dylan and the Allman Brother to Willie Nelson and Bono, musicians heap praise upon Kennedy, and former White House staffers talk about the impact he had on elections and how a president can be humanized.

It’s an intimate portrayal, and proved regardless of politics, music is one of those things in our culture we can all talk about and find common ground on.

In a fest that can often tackle pretty difficult subject matter, seeing joyful films like this can be absolute delights.

4/5 Stars

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