FIN STREAM REVIEW: Women In Blue a searing portrait of representation and police brutality in Minneapolis

The Minneapolis police department serves as a microcosm here for the U.S. as a whole, in the midst of Black Lives Matter and calls to end police brutality.

And yet, with all of this at the forefront, diversity and inclusion for women and non-white officers at the department is also a major piece of the puzzle, leaving the Women In Blue in this instance pushing for reform more than ever.

It follows female officers — both in command and fresh in their careers — and their feelings about their homes, their department, and how they try to change the face and ideas about policing in the area.

With high-profile homicides involving police including those of Jamar Clark and Justine Diamond, and Thurman Belvins, the force is, well, forced into making changes, but they aren’t coming easily.

And they shouldn’t. Residents want answers, true reform and systemic change, not apologies. They deserve to feel safe in their communities.

Director Deirdre Fishel, though, walks a tightrope the entire film between giving a bit too much sympathy to these officers’ situation, and depicting the emotions of the public. She never falls, but she comes close a few times.

Women In Blue is a difficult documentary at a time when the topic needs to be spoken about — shouted about — and the valiant work done here to show a Minneapolis force trying to turn things around is engrossing, even if it’s sometimes hard to watch.

3.5/5 Stars

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