FIN STREAM REVIEW: Greta Thunberg humanized in incredible documentary

For anyone who’s heard of Greta Thunberg — the incredible teen climate activist from Sweden — it’s clear her policies and feelings on our planet and how we can save it come first.

Perhaps so much so that her pursuit for awareness of the issue has kept people from digging into Thunberg herself — and yet, a young girl with Asberger’s crusading against some of the biggest politicians to save our planet is a heck of a human way into becoming an activist ourselves.

She is more accessible and honest in the portrayal here than even her political appearances, and it’s amazing to see her that way in I Am Greta.

Thunberg has inspired the world, causing climate strikes and the global consciousness to become more aware of climate change. Perhaps what I enjoy most is just how much this brave young woman has pissed off the political right.

Let me be pretty clear: anyone Piers Morgan and Donald Trump hate is likely to land on my radar for all the right reasons. Thunberg is quite frankly incredible, but in I Am Greta, she is also revealed as a human with intricacies, emotions and fallacies.

She’s just a human being — like the rest of us. Albeit, she’s a pretty wonderful activist with a knack for speeches that hit to the core of climate issues, but if anything, this documentary from Nathan Grossman just made me more interested.

To see Greta the activist and Greta the person mesh together has made me respect her just so much more, and as she goes on the global stage and tries to change the world, I’ll be right there behind her the whole way.

4/5 Stars

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