FIN STREAM REVIEW: Citizen Of Moria a heartbreaking portrait of immigration pitfalls

This incredible film about one man’s journey to land asylum in Europe or Canada is absolutely essential viewing.

The documentary subject and director — Ahmad Ebrahimi — teams up with writer, producer and co-director Jawad Mir to make this intense exploration.

Mir has been a Canadian force to watch since he dropped his Only 78, and this just further proves he is pushing to make films that mean something.

Ebrahimi is the kind of man you can’t help but root for in Citizen Of Moria, as his journey in the detention centre in Greece is chronicled via smartphone and GoPro. He is entirely authentic and so honest in the portrayal of his story that you can’t help but stand up and notice.

As he and Mir document why he had to leave his family and flee Afghanistan for his survival, and the fear and anxiety associated with not having a ‘home’, the ugly side of people rears its head.

Racial tensions, anti-immigration pushes and violence are always possible, and quite frankly, what Ebrahimi goes through just to be able to live and breathe each day with the bare minimum is unbelievable.

This is an eye-opening documentary that you won’t be able to shy away from after you’ve seen it. It’s a true masterwork, and a piece of cinema that Mir and Ebrahimi needed to make at this time in our history.

4/5 Stars

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