FIN STREAM REVIEW: Champions a lovely exploration of Special Olympics athletes

When writer-director Heigl Piccinin began shooting footage of his brother Stéphane, I doubt he imagined his home videos would become festival fare.

But the love and dutiful care with which he chronicles Stéphane and his atypical friend Audrey Vincent’s accomplishments in track-and-field merits a curiosity watch at the very least.

Champions is a feel-good, interesting documentary about the drive the two have to excel in their sport, and their passion for competition. In his first full-length feature, Piccinin’s love for his brother shines through in every frame.

In an interesting turn, it’s the human parts of the film that carry the most weight. We care for these people. Even though they’re trying to see through their dream of competing at the Special Olympics World Games in Dubai, I found myself far more interested in their innermost thoughts.

At a time when proper representation is so important, Champions is a film that does just that — it gives the spotlight to the accolades of Stéphane and Audrey, who rightly deserve it.

4/5 Stars

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