VOD REVIEW: Nadia, Butterfly is an incredible, beautiful achievement

This Canadian drama written and directed by Pasacal Plante is masterful in its approach to showing an Olympic athlete grappling with retirement.

Nadia (Katerine Savard) is young and at the top her game, but she decides this will be the last Olympic Games she swims in. No one seems to understand why she’s finished, and frankly, Nadia isn’t interested in others’ opinions.

Nadia, Butterfly is less concerned with what happens in the water and more focused on how Nadia will live her life without the sport to occupy her life.

You can feel the tension and dread of a life without the sport that enveloped Nadia throughout her entire childhood and teen years, and Katerine Savard brings this incredible character forward.

She is fearless in her portrayal, and the reason this movie works as well as it does. It’s an intimate, heady drama with one of the most nuanced performances of the year.

4/5 Stars

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