FIN STREAM REVIEW: Percy a David & Golaith environmental drama worth watching for Walken

There’s are few actors in this world who can seamlessly move from scaring the hell out of us to making us laugh hysterically, but Christopher Walken is just that kind of formidable thespian.

Whether he’s running around as an off-kilter time traveler in Click, dancing to Fatboy Slim, crowned the King Of New York or diving deep into despair in Deer Hunter, the man has commanded the attention of moviegoers for decades.

So it comes to no surprise that the plot of his new film, Percy, is not the focus. While the true story of a Saskatchewan farmer sued by a major corporation seems a bit derivative, it’s what Walken brings to his title character Percy that really makes the film worthwhile.

The themes of fear, loss of livelihood, and the everyman going against big companies are alive and well here, as is a healthy dose of environmental activism, and they mesh together to form a wholly entertaining film about a topic most would scoff at.

Joined by Zach Braff as Percy’s lawyer — his best turn since Garden State — and the little-seen and always appreciated Christina Ricci, this movie will move you, and make you want to stand up and root for the elderly farmer.

Walken embodies Percy with a quiet, resilient nature that’s perhaps out of character, given how intense we know he can get. But here, it’s Walken’s ultimate restraint that makes him so interesting.

Percy won’t win any Oscars, but as a character work, it’s one wonderful late-career role for the fantastic Christopher Walken.

3.5/5 Stars

Author’s Note: Percy is the first of many reviews that Parker & The Picture Shows will host over the next eight days. Check in for new coverage often, and email me your thoughts:

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