THEATRICAL REVIEW: Broken Hearts Gallery an adorable instant favourite

It’s been a really, really long-time since a good-natured romantic comedy that didn’t revolve around getting laid or tricking someone into loving you hit theatres. But with The Broken Hearts Gallery, writer-director Natalie Krinsky has created a genre film worth shouting from the rooftops about.

From helping write Gossip Girl to Grey’s Anatomy, Krinsky is no stranger to dramatic tropes and genre trappings, but with her debut feature, she manages to make the entire affair feel undeniably fun and fresh.

This story of a woman who has more than a little trouble letting go of mementos from past relationships both shows us everyone lets go and grieves differently, and that a relationship can mean two different things to those involved.

Blockers co-star and standout Geraldine Viswanathan is Lucy, who decides after a break-up to start a gallery where people can leave things they’ve held onto from past relationships. The location? A building about to be turned into a hotel by sensitive, shielded Nick. As the two merge their passions and become consistently intermingled, a bond forms between the opposites they never expected.

Viswanathan and Dacre Montgomery as Nick are absolutely hilarious, and a truly perfect, sparkling match. With some lovely supporting work from Utkarsh Ambudkar in particular, it struck me that not only was this film different than other romcoms, but the level of diversity in the cast is well worth checking out. There is some great acting on display.

This is a riotous, really cute time at the movies, and one of those gems you’ll hold onto for a long time if you make the commitment to see this little indie.

4/5 Stars

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