VOD REVIEW: Ravage comes out of the gate like Wrong Turn on steroids

If you check the critic scores on this film, you’re going to be immediately turned off. But horror fans, wait up. Ravage might not be for the average person, but gore hounds and genre aficionados should take notice.

This endlessly intense store of a nature photographer hunted by sadistic criminals in the Watchatoomy Valley is like a cross between Wrong Turn and Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Now, I’m not calling it a classic, but it sure it one hell of a ride.

Dismissed by police as an opioid addict who hallucinated the whole thing, everyone soon comes to realize Harper’s story, insane as it sounds, is far from a fable.

Annabelle Dexter-Jones (of Under The Silver Lake fame) is exceptional here, and has a bad-ass quality that few characters can emulate. She quite frankly makes the film worth watching, and dominates each frame.

Pitted against her is the terrifying Robert Longstreet, who reminds me of Russell Crowe from his phone-throwing days. Throw in an extended cameo from the ever-excellent Bruce Dern, and we have ourselves a great genre picture.

It’s gory, horrifying, and you’ll find yourself turning from the screen at points, but if scary is your bag, this one is just for you.

3.5/5 Stars

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