VOD REVIEW: Burnt Orange Heresy teeters between skillful and streamlined, but the charming cast brings it home

The sleek and sexy thrillers of old are so hard to come by. Gone are incredible, tongue-in-cheek capers, replaced by John Wick toting never-ending rounds.

While seeing Keanu Reeves kick ass on-screen will always be welcome, I ache for the debonaire times of Tailor Of Panama, the older ilk of Bond movies, and Ocean’s Eleven, where sleek and sexy came before explosions and gunfire.

The Burnt Orange Heresy — while presenting nothing new plot-wise — is exactly the kind of film I’ve been yearning for. It’s intelligent, beautiful and a whole lot of fun.

When an art critic with a disgraced past is hired to steal a painting from a private, prolific mind by a collector, he finds himself questioning his own motives and notions on what it is to be a true artists. As greed, jealousy and vanity begin to sink in, it’s hard to tell who’s good and who’s just pretending to be in this drama full of intrigue.

With a gorgeous product on-screen from director Giuseppe Capotonde, the film sparkles and crackles even when the plot doesn’t. Thespians Elizabeth Debicki — particularly great here — Donald Sutherland and Claes Bang are all fantastic.

Mick Jagger’s ho-hum performance does bring down the proceedings a bit, but he at least has the charisma to keep the audience watching. This twisty, turny tale doesn’t always work, but it’s certainly an interesting, refreshing film in a landscape of remakes.

Enjoy the pure artistry of the film, and let yourself be immersed in every frame.

4/5 Stars

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