VOD REVIEW: Measure For Measure suffers due to half-baked plot

William Shakespeare has made for incredible film source material over time, and yet, even with a fantastic road-map, this adaptation falters.

Director Paul Ireland renders it unrecognizable in this Australia-set film about conflicts between immigrants and those native to the area. It’s a racial warfare drama that lacks bite and originality.

This story about a forbidden romance that ignites a war between a Muslim immigrant gang and crimelords makes only a dollop of sense, and for all the shooting and chaos, it’s never really all that thrilling.

The characters are forgotten and the performances moreso, from Harrison Gilbertson to Daniel Henshali and Fayssal Bazzi. Doris Youname adds a slight bit of intrigue, but she’s on an island all her own.

Hugo Weaving is a legend, known for The Matrix and V For Vendetta, and he does a serviceable job here in a film that frankly doesn’t deserve him.

Measure spends a lot of time racking tension of nothing, and yet, nothing ever really seems to matter in the end.

2/5 Stars

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