VOD REVIEW: David Arquette’s comeback vehicle is a thing of pure passion, even when it feels a bit too vain

Actor David Arquette was one of the most recognizable, interesting figures in Hollywood in the mid-to-late 1990’s.

Known primarily as the amiable Deputy Dewey from the popular Scream franchise, he was part of a huge family of actors, married to co-star and Friends actress Courteney Cox, and this reviewer relished his high energy both on and offscreen.

But Arquette, who had a passion for wrestling, took things too far when preparing for movie Ready To Rumble, and infiltrated the WCW world, winning a belt as a publicity stunt while having zero training or acumen as a wrestler.

This led everyone who loved the ring and what the sport represented to shun the star, and soon, Hollywood and his fans turned their back on him too, relegating him to small roles or projects far below the star trajectory he had previously been on.

Now, 20 years after his infamous WCW belt win, Arquette is attempting a return to wrestling — but this time he wants to do it the right way. You Can’t Kill David Arquette is the engrossing docudrama that follows his journey.

Through in-depth interviews with his family, friends, his wife, and the wrestling world at large, the audience gains an understanding of what’s involved with becoming a wrestler. Arquette’s honesty and openness allows his passion for wrestling to shine through with every take.

It’s a brutal ride as he trains, fights, gets brutalized and does all he can to earn the respect of the wrestling community. He quite literally bleeds for this, and his sweat is enveloped in every frame of this film.

Though the odd scene makes this feel like a partial vanity project, it’s the raw, unbridled nature of David Arquette’s approach that will ultimately leave you respecting this actor more than you ever imagined you could.

4/5 Stars

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