VOD REVIEW: Pair of incredible lead female performances highlight Mercy

Ellen Page and Kate Mara have long been favourites of mine. Coming from Nova Scotia makes Page a legend in my Maritimer eyes.

So to see them together in the incredibly interesting My Days Of Mercy was a cinematic treat. They electrify the screen, and their chemistry is really wonderful here.

Page stars as Lucy, the daughter of a man on death row for murder, who meets Mercy, whose family is staunchly pro-death penalty. The political interference threatens to ruin their burgeoning relationship and alienate them from their families.

Director Tali Shalom-Ezer creates a wonderful tale full of intrigue. However, it also manages to be a difficult, heart-wrenching ordeal, filled with heartache.

Page & Mara are splendid and their characters are both fascinating to watch. This is a perfect match, and they put on a masterclass together, with special mention to an immersive performance from Page.

Though the plot threads are quite familiar, it’s these two actresses who bring the material to a new level. It’s a film that — on its own — isn’t particularly special, but these two actresses are really wonderful in it.

My Days Of Mercy is quite an interesting take on the death penalty, and an LGBTQ+ drama that entertains, even if it isn’t a full success.

3.5/5 Stars

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