VOD REVIEW: Powerhouses Vikander and Green spark Euphoria

Films about all forms of assisted-suicide have cropped up in the last few years, yet somehow, Euphoria still feels like a refreshing take.

While the writing is unremarkable, the lead performances from Alicia Vikander and Eva Green really make this film stick out. Green and Vikander have both been absolute treasures in the film industry for years, and seeing them together is quite magical.

They star as sisters with a contentious past who go on a trip together, where one secret may well drudge up their entire past and rip them apart. Originally made in 2017, it’s a movie that leans on the star-power and share magnetism they share onscreen, and this is the major selling point.

The actresses really own the film, and it works because they put their own hearts and souls into the entire affair. Euphoria written and directed by Lisa Langseth, gives the characters room to grow and really resonate, and it’s these Vikander and Green make the most of the space.

With Charlotte Rampling and Game Of Thrones alum Charles Dance in strong supporting roles, the only weak spot, really, is Langseth’s script. But the sheer talent on display makes up for it.

Euphoria won’t deliver an out-of-body experience for film lovers, but there’s just enough fantastic craftsmanship here that it’s worth a look.

3/5 Stars

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