THEATRICAL REVIEW: Russell Crowe comes Unhinged in intense road rage thriller

A film about a man who takes out his road rage on a single mother and her child isn’t exactly high concept, but with Oscar winner Russell Crowe playing the baddie, Unhinged more than lives up to its title.

Russell Crowe, frankly, gives his most terrifying, provocative film performance in a decade as Tom, who loses everything, and suffers a psychotic shift. He’s relentless as he growls through each scene, and he owns this film.

It’s an ultra-violent, frightening ride of a film that moves at “brake-neck” speed the entire 80-minute running time. Crowe may own the screen, but Mortal Engines star Caren Pistorius plants a flag and sets up shop as a strong, no-holds-barred heroine.

This is the biggest film on director Derrick Borte’s resume, and he deftly mixes action set pieces with the on-screen prowess of his marquee star.

Unhinged may not save the summer box-office, but it will sure as hell demand your attention from the first blood-curdling frame and keep it. In the slightly altered words of Gladiator’s heroic Maximus, you will be entirely, undeniably entertained.

4/5 Stars

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