VOD REVIEW: Lucky Grandma gives character actress Tsai Chin a star turn

Tsai Chin has long been beloved in the film community. From her turn in The Joy Luck Club to roles in Memoirs Of A Geisha and Casino Royale, she’s an incredible talent who classes up any endeavour she’s a part of.

With Lucky Grandma, the story of a widow who gets in deep with the Chinatown mob, her talents are on full display. She owns this entire affair.

As Grandma, a chain-smoking, world-weary older woman whose deceased husband left her nothing to live on, you can feel her pain from the opening frame. She has worked her whole life and has nothing to show for it.

When a fortune teller advises Grandma she’ll have amazing luck October 28, she heads to the casino. But when her luck turns, she’s not ready for it and loses it all. But when she comes across a bag of money on the bus and takes it, she’s overjoyed. That is, until the gang comes looking for it.

Director Sasie Sealy has created a wonderful, hilarious and gripping film. This truly is one of the best of the year, buoyed by the fierce, hilarious performance by Chin as Grandma.

Seek out this movie, because in the current VOD landscape, it’s as good as it could possibly get.

4.5/5 Stars

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