VOD REVIEW: Kilmer has never looked worse than in low-grade Paydirt

There’s nothing worse than two entirely capable actors hamming it up in dreadful schlock like Paydirt.

Here we have low-budget king Luke Goss, who’s shown he’s capable of more in Blade II and Hellboy II, slumming it once again for a paycheck. But most egregious is Val Kilmer.

He’s had one hell of a career, with Batman, The Doors, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Top Gun, The Saint, and a glut of other fantastic films. And yet, as he grows older, he’s never been in worse form than he is as a vengeful sheriff here.

The mostly nonsensical film follows Kilmer as Sheriff Tucker, whose DEA bust that captured notorious criminal Damien Brooks (Luke Goss) five years prior ended in three deaths, and embarrassment for the enforcement agency.

Now retired, he stakes out Brooks and his old crew, who are attempting to find cash they stole give years ago. Writer-director Christian Sesma creates a boring, meandering film that has no meat to it.

This is by far one of the most boring, thoughtless films of the year, and worth no one’s $4 for a VOD watch.

1/5 Stars


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