VOD REVIEW: This Perfect Plan falls by wayside in ho-hum thriller

Best laid plans sometimes don’t go as intended. Though it’s clear here the filmmaker, screenwriter and cast all wanted A Perfect Plan to work, it just never comes together.

In watching these smaller films, I try to remember budgetary constraints could be an issue, and it looks like they are here. Drab locations echo a weariness throughout the film, but one wonders if those involved had the resources to do better.

The film about four gifted thieves who are locked in a fortified warehouse, forced to do a job and steal diamonds for a crime boss is simple and easy to follow, but doesn’t have much gravitas.

Debut director and co-writer Jesse D. Ikeman is competent enough. He frames shots well, allows the story to move along at a brisk, if sometimes boring, pace, and lets his actors do their best.

He’s worked on a bit of everything, from Oscar-winning Spotlight to Robert Redford stunner All Is Lost. He could have a bright future, but he doesn’t have much to work with here.

Neither do his actors, for that matter. William Forsythe is an actor who’s watchable in anything, including this, though he isn’t given much to do. Kathleen Munroe, alum from TV’s Patriot, does an admirable job. A Simple Favour’s Gia Sandhu is serviceable, if nothing more.

But veteran actor Carlo Rita, from American Horror Story, Jane The Virgin, 24, and Queer As Folk has some fun here.

It’ll get you through if you need something to watch during your work day, but you won’t have to pay too much attention.

2/5 Stars

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