VOD REVIEW: Palm Springs an uproarious, thoughtful delight

Hulu’s foray into comedy hits the jackpot with the breezy, hilarious Palm Springs.

The story of a chance encounter at a wedding between Nyles and maid of honor Sarah leads to a romantic entanglement and complicated existence.

But this is anything but your typical rom-com.

Directed by Max Barbakow, this is an endlessly entertaining film that has higher aspirations than just making the audience laugh.

It’s an existential, meditative film that throws the audience for a loop. A large part of why it succeeds is the screenplay from Andy Siara, also a writer on the cerebral cancelled AMC show Lodge 49.

Films like Hot Rod and That’s My Boy have kept Andy Samberg from hitting leading man status. But he’s proven to be a force on TV show Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Palm Springs marks his best theatrical performance, and could cement him as a comedic force in film. Similarly, Cristin Milioti’s face will forever be linked for many to the disappointing revelation she was not, in fact, Ted Mosby’s muse in How I Met Your Mother.

But her character is so layered — so immensely interesting here — that you can’t help but be fascinated by Milioti’s performance, and her back-and-forth with Samberg.

The supporting cast includes a plethora of young talent, including Teen Wolf’s Tyler Hoechlin and Riverdale’s Camila Mendes. But it’s a performance from the wonderful J.K. Simmons as the mysterious Roy that sticks out.

This film is one of the most entertaining of the year, and it’s absolutely nothing like you expect. Skip the trailer and get right to viewing. The less you know, the more you’ll find to love.

4.5/5 Stars

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