VOD REVIEW: Working Man a dreary look at dwindling factory economics

A heartbreaking and timely film, a Working Man takes a look at the economics of factory work and how the closure affects a small town.

Writer-director Robert Jury explores the weary life of Allery Parkes, an old-age factory worker who simply continues to go to work each day, refusing to break routine.

He’s received his last paycheck, but feels more at home doing the same things he’s been doing for decades. But when fellow employees band together to fight to open the factory again, Allery finds himself leading a movement he never intended.

Joined by overzealous worker Walter Brewer, a hothead with big ideas and a scary past, the workers try to get back their dignity and bring back jobs, at all costs.

Peter Gerety is known as a character actor in Flight, Charlie Wilson’s War, and most recently a guest star on Ray Donovan. But as Allery, he gives a sublime, career-best performance.

It’s also lovely to see Billy Brown, trapped as a one-note character on network show How To Get Away With Murder for six seasons, finally get a role he can work with here as Walter.

Working Man won’t life your spirits, but it will absolutely tug at your heart. It’s a wonderfully made film in every way.

4/5 Stars

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