VOD REVIEW: Greyhound drifts by on Tom Hanks’ presence and immersive action

There was a time when a Tom Hanks movie was easily considered an event film.

From Apollo 13 to Forrest Gump. From Saving Private Ryan to Cast Away and Road To Perdition, he always seemed to pull out classics.

So perhaps it’s with some disappointment that I watched Greyhound — having counted Hanks as a favourite for nearly 15 years — and just didn’t see the classic spark.

This World War II film about a U.S. Navy captain who must lead a convoy to safety as they’re attacked by Nazi U-boats is never boring, but it never reaches the great heights of other Hanks canon films either.

Director Aaron Schneider — known for cult classic Get Low — is capable and the film all comes together. But without the interesting and intense visuals and Hanks’ winning performance, this wouldn’t have succeeded like it did.

As it stands, this is just above The Terminal but below Hanks classics, in a role where the thespian doesn’t seem bored, but he does seem to be just going through the motions.

It’s a shame the film wasn’t better, because it might have put a little signature twinkle into the eye of the veteran actor.

3/5 Stars

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